The City have fine nature condition and resource rich. In the district plain land is 5,279 square kilometres, the mountain land is 4,205 square kilometres, the cultivated Land is 3.7 million mu within the irrigated land is 1.5 million mu hold 40.5% of the cultivated land. Undergound water plent with 22 rivers. Principla crop: wheat, corn, foxtail millet, oats, buckwheat and potato etc. Within oats and buckwheat are like foods by local men.

   They have not only higher nutrition value and local characteristic, and also to export invent foreign exchange.The city have rich underground mineral resources. In the Big Qing Mountain area focus mineral products area 170 and 128 ore--deposits 30 types mineral, Nonmetal mineral types have: graphite, asbestos, marble, granite, pearl rock, micas greisen, rock crystal, clay, pottery clay and building stone materal. The energy resources is coal focus distribute the north part of the Chasuqi town between the Big Qin Mountain and Qingshuihe country town.   

  The precious metal, rare metal and radioactivity mineral have gdd. The ordinary metal mineral have copper, iron and zinc. The District have 752 kinds seed and plants. Common medicine plants include liliales--polygalales, plantago, astragalus mongholicus, bupleurue chinese. Principla wild animal 20 kinds more deer, sheep, argal, badger, clouded leopard and naemorhedas goral.The wild birb more than 100 kinds: Mongolia Bailing, white swan, within neamorhedas goral, leopard, golden eagle, sparrowhawk, little crane etc., are the Country stress guard animal varieties.     




square24_blue.gif Region & Nation

[ Region ]
In region, there are 4 govern cities with Huhhot, Baotou, Wuhai and Chifeng, and 8 leagues for Hulun buir , Hinggan, Jirem, Xi Lin Gol, Ulanqab, Ih Ju, Baynnur, Alxa . The chief city is Huhhot.

[ Nation ]
The Inner Mongolia is the earliest found the national minority Autonomous Region in China. The consist of Mongolia, Hanmen, Manmen, Huimen, Dahanermen, Erwenkemen, Elunchunmen and Korean etc. It is a union and amity big family.The total population is 22 million within Mongolia is the main nationality there is 3.5 million. Hanmen is 17 million and the other national minorities are 0.7 million.  




square24_blue.gif Geography & Resources

[ Geography ]
The Region with the total land is 1.183 million square kilometres. The Lengthen from the East to the West is 2.4 thousand kilometres. The across from South to the North is 1.7 thousand kilometres. In the north part along the boundary are Mongolia and Russia 

[ Resources ]
There are huge exploit worth and develop potential. The resources rich of inground and underground. The Region is called "the forest in the east, the steel-iron in the west, the grain in the south, the pasture in the north, the resources everywhere".



square24_blue.gif Agriculture, Forest & Pasture

The resources of agriculture foresty and pasture are the first holding of the Country:

 The cultivated land is 8 million hectares, the average of person is 0.37 hectares. It is about 4 multiples of the Country.  The prairie total land is 86.67 million heatares. 1/4 of the total land in the Country and also the first on the five big prairies.  

 The forest land is the champion with the total land 17.33 million hectares. 1/7 of the forest total land of the Country. The forestry store up about 97.4 billion cube metres and also 11% of the total store up forestry on the Country.

  In the agriculture and pasture way: grain increase from 1947 annual output 1.845 billion kilograms to the 1996 annual output 15.353 billion kilograms. The average of person hold grain 669 kilograms. The total grain products plenty for supply. The animal husbandry obain bumper harvest continuous 11 years. The livestock amount more than 5 thousand for 7 years. The total livestock rech 66.977 million in 1996, and the highest level on the histry. The small town enterprises total output value reched 122.8 billion yuan in 1996, the business income is 125.7 billion yuan, the profit can be distribute 11.9 billion yuan, the taxation is 4.48 billion yuan. The annual net income of the peasants and herdsmen obtain from the small town enterprises rech 730 yuan. It hold them all net income 45.5%.



square24_blue.gif M ine   
The underground mineral products are very abundant.

 <Advanced raw coal mine >

Have been explorated clear mines and ore--deposit about 6 thousand with mineral products types about 120. Within there are 42 types mineral resources in first 10 seats. 20 types in first 3 seats, 7 types in the first of the Country.

 <Chicken Blood Stone  >

The coal mine distribute everywhere of the Region. Have been explorated resources about 200 billion tons. On the five the coal mines in the open of the stress construt items in the period of "the eighth five years plan", there are four mines in the Region.

Particularly the rare metal resources is 90% of the total holding in the Country, more than 80% of the holding in the world.

There are also colours metals, salt, alkali, nitre, kaolin, petroleum, gas, etc, natural resources.



square24_blue.gif Traffic    

  In the fifty yesrs the Region's railway transport ability has been increased extremely. From 1557kilometres before liberation to todays' 19 railway main lines and 12 branch lines in the nation and 5 lines the local railways. The network of the railway business transport reached more than 6 thousand kilometres.By the 1996 the goods' travel round reached 66.64 billion tons a kilometre, the passengers' travel round reached 6.45 billion a kilometre.
 High speed way between Huhhot and Baotou Similar the highway construction also develop rapidly. Now the Region has been formed a extend in all directions highway traffic network. The network rely on cities to link every banner and country with the nation highway as mainstay to build transport lines in close up stops and border areas. The Region has been opened 6 lines for the passengers transport to Mongolia and Russia. By the 1996 the highway total mileage has reached 45744 kilometres within 8697 kilometres are the high level and the second highways. The goods travel round is 17.01 billion tons a kilometre. The passengers travel round is 8.98 billion a kilometre.

 The civil aviation cause develop rapidly too. Before the liberation the Region has only two small airport in Baotou and Hailaer. Throughed the fifties and sixties, especial after "the Meeting of the thrid all centre commissioners". The civil aviation cause begin to develop quickly in the Region. Now we have opened up 18 routes internal and 2 routers international. The internal routes can be to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Xian, Luoyang, Hailaer etc. The route total mileage has reached 22398 kilometres. The passengers travel round is 395741. The goods and postal matters are 1313.4 tons.



square24_blue.gif Post Service   

Advanced digital transmission equipment

<POSTAL SERVICE>: By the end of 1996 have opened up international high-speed vehicle send by main from Huhhot, Erlian to Zhanenud of Mongolia, and internal high-speed vehicle send by main Huhhot?Beijing, Huhhot?Baotou?Dongsheng, Wulanhot?Baicheng, Tongliao?Shenyang, Huhhot?Xilinhot etc.

 Communication, parcels, collects newspapers and periodicals send out that the tradition businesses develop steady. Simultaneously we have start new businesses as philately, postal save, high-speed send by mail, postal rite, postal advertisement and postal shopping etc. We can content various postal require in society all sides. By the end of 1996 the Region have 96.7% villages and towns postal service in contented supply.

<TELEPHONE>: By the end of 1996 the Region' postal telephone public network exchangers total capacitiy has reached 1.28 million doors. In 1997 it will be 1.55 million doors. In the 12 cities and leagues of the Region established the local C3 telephone public network and reached extend network and rise place of telephone number. Till now light-cable, numeral microwave, artificial communication etc. These advance postal service have been used extensive in the villagers and towns. The Region has 820 banners and villagers realized telephone automation. 516 banners and villagers have got into the local public telephone network and realized telephone exchange progranme control and numeral transmit. It is all villages and towns 55.2% and 34.7% inthe Region.

 <COMMUNICATION IN LONG DISTANCE>: The Region' communicate in long distance has been realized all programme control exchange and numeral transmit. By the end of 1996 the postal light-cable total long reached 13845 kilometres. The numeral microwave main lines reached 1346.2 kilometres. The numeral exchangers in long distance are 70 thousand. The postal service bussiness transmit lines are 28.6 thousand. The Region numeral transmit communicate network has established with Huhhot as a centre in stretch over the east and the west and in longitudinal through from the south to the north. It has linked all leagues and cities and parts of towns and villages in the Region. Along with the telephone and communication technique develop incessantly, some new type communicate ways are invented as calling, movable telephone and numeral communicate etc. The Region has also opened up the China Computer system in transfer, stockpile and exchange send out etc.



square24_blue.gif The open to foreign

Busy Port

In the boundary line long 4.2 thousand kilometres there are land banks 18 as Erlian, Manzhouli. With 80 states and regions set up trade back and forth, economy, technology cooperative. The foreign businessmen investment set up enterprises have been registerd on 1.134 thousand with the investment total amount is 2.31 billion dollars. The Region has been set up the economy cooperative relation with 29 provinces and cities. The total introducting founds 3.6 billion yuan, the economy cooperative item 6.8 thousand.

In the 1996, whole city and town resident life cost annual income is 3,101.7 yuan, peasants and herdmen annual net income is 1,602 yuan.


square24_blue.gif Education, Science & Technology

There are 19 ordinary university within the 4 is nationality universitys, 106 polytechnic schools, 15.394 thousand middle and primary schools within 3.1 thousand are the nationality school, and 23 adult universitys. There are 471.197 thousand of all kinds professional technique personnel within 16.5 thousand are high title, 121.637 thousand are medium title.

There are 5.039 thousand hygiene organization with 64 thousand hospital beds, and 103 thousand health technique personnel. There are 118 of all kinds art organizations within 62 the Wulanmuqi, 1776 civilization places. There are 16 the party institution newspapers, 32 types professional newspapers within the Mongolia characters newspapers, 149 types periodical within 47 is the Mongolia ones and 7 books publishing houses.

There are also 1,034 of all kinds broadcast, television station, television reprint and accept station. The covered rate 77%. In the each session the whole country games, the Region sportsmen obtain 81 gold plates, 66.5 silver plates and 61 copper plates. In the world games obtain 66 gold plates, 49 silver plates and 48 copper plates. towns.


 square24_blue.gif Dominant Industry

  There are all kinds of induct enterprise about 100 thousand within large--scale and medium enterprises have 300. The induction system category complete include:steel--iron, electric power, coal, spinning and weaving, mechanical, electron, chemistry, petroleum, food, product sugar etc. In the 1996 principal induction products output steel 4,318.2 thousand tons,iron 4,255.7 thousand tons, the power generation amount 32.039 billion kilowatt hour, coal 73 million tons, wood 5,218.7 thousand cube metres, petroleum 1,550 thousand tons, cement 3,946.8 thousand tons.


 square24_blue.gif Economic Level

  In the first of May 1997 is the fifty anniversary of the Inner Mongolia Autonomuse Region found. On the fifty years, the economy construte obtain vast achievement. To the end of 1996 the total value of the national income reach 98.3 billion yuan, 49 multiple increase compare 1947. The financial affairs income is 9.322 billion yuan, 103.6 thousand multiple to the 1947. The society consume retail total amount is 33.34 billion yuan, the foreign trade import and export total amount 1.25 billion dollars. The life for all walks of nationality continous raise in the foundition of the economy develop.


square24_blue.gif  Mechanical Trade and Equipments

 The Region mechanical trade contain 10 types as agricultural machines, engineering machines, petroleeum and chemical industrial machines, common machines, mine machines, mechanical tools, electrode engineering and electric appliance, the foundation parts of machines, foodand pack machines etc. Within the important support types are heavy lorry and its fittings, electrode engineering and electric appliance, agricultural and pastoral machines, heavy mine machines. In the Region mechanical trades there are 1900 enterprises with fix property 7.7 billion yuan and own 233 thousand workers. The most products reached higher level in the eighties and the ninties.

  The enterprises own 16.8 thousand pieces various main produce equipments(heavy equipments are 618 pieces and high precision equipments are 174 pieces). Within 8269 pieces are the metal incise equipments. 1750 pieces are forge and condense equipments. 654 pieces are found equipments. 53 lines are automatic produce lines. The trades can be produce 3 thousand types products and more thousands various specification machines. In the period of "the eighth five years plan" the trades established 20 lines high level equipments produce lines. Chief products include: heavy load lorry, mine load lorry, truck of train, stirrer for concrete, truck, pump-car, mine hydraulic pressure supporter, excavator, 110 KV line transformer, high-speed precision chuck, noiseless bearing, electric magnetic flat line, windy generator, accumulator and lorry of fitting.

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